Large Square Ovenware > 6L

Our Flat Stacks Large Square Ovenware is a heat-proof and collapsible container that can be used in the oven, microwave and air fryer. You can also use it on a BBQ plate but not on open flames. You can now cook delicious turkey and roasts, casseroles, and bake large pastries.

This works perfectly for nightly family dinners and large weekend gatherings or barbecues!


  1. Square 6L - 34cm x 29.5cm x 11cm (4cm when collapsed) - 953g

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Christina Lucas
Worth the investment

Bought to bake the Xmas Turkey in feeling a bit extravagant. Now l know this is a piece l'll use for so much more.Great the way you bake in it then left overs stay in it going straight into the fridge with seal to keep it fresh Collapsing down you can use it as a baking tray too.Have thrown out my old baking dish that took up so much room in the cupboard. Love the versatility & space saving element & best part goes into the dishwasher, comes out better than any metal baking dish ever could.


Love them, especially for caravanning...

Gary Widdison
Love them

Now have 3 lots I’ve ordered in past month and love them all, roast vegetables in the air fryer come out amazingly and the cleanup is so easy. Cleared out a lot of older metal pieces and have so much more spare room.

Teodora Zanesheva Karamanlieva

Large Square Ovenware > 6L

Perfect Baking

I have been using my 6 litre Flat Stacks baking tray almost daily since receiving it. Cooking for 2 people means I can fill it with either fish, chicken or meat plus vegetables to bake all at once. Today I made a huge vegetable bake. Once the layered veggies were cooked I sprinkled panko breadcrumbs over the top and returned it to the oven to brown. Leftovers have gone into a Flat Stack microwave container.

carolyn margetic
Large square ovenware

This is fantastic for larger meals, great for roasting

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Very pleased with the purchase and tried out the recipe that I received sometime ago by cooking the Banana Oat Bread in it and very impressed with the result. I'd be interested in more recipes to cook in this ovenware

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Love my flatstacks

Flat Stacks Purchase

I am happy to say that these containers live up the the lofty claims that they make about them. Easy to use, durable, stain resistant! They save me a ton of storage space in my kitchen!

Flat Stacks

I love these so much for my Caravan ☺️

Super compact able making more room in my Caravan and so light means less klg tio calculate over all weight to go.

Super tough love the colours 🤍🤎💜💙🩵🩷❤️🧡💛
Will be buying more for sure 👍


Love them i have one top that doesn't close one the square one and no free gift but will buy again just need some bigger ones.

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