Square Set > 350, 540, 800 & 1200 ml

Our square set contains the 4 most useful sizes, perfect for everything from packed lunches to leftovers and baby-food to cold-cuts. 

Here's why you'll love our square set:

✅  Ideal for all things square like sandwiches, cheese slices & brownies.

✅  Perfect as a lunch box!

✅  They look great in your kitchen and are still colour-coded so you can easily match the lids with the bases.


  1. 350 ml | 11.3 x 11.3 x 6.4cm | collapses to 2.8cm | 110g
  2. 540ml | 13.2 x 13.2 x 6.4cm | collapses to 2.8cm | 142g
  3. 800 ml | 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.9cm | collapses to 3.0cm | 186g
  4. 1200 ml | 17.2 x 17.2 x 7.4cm | collapses to 3.2cm | 232g

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Square set

Love flat stacks. This is my second set and I plan to buy more. Fantastic

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Bigger dishes would be awesome like roast tray sizes. but thay make so much room. thanku

Square set

Just love my new square set. Christmas dinner served in them, excellent! Highly recommend.

Square pack

I thought I was ordering a bigger square pack then what I got do you have a bigger set thank you


pretty good producta

Tupperware Eat Your Heart Out

Oh wow wow just wow. Absolutely love my flat stacks. I now have quite a few sets and will be ordering more. I have a set to gift my son for Xmas and I know he will want more. So great for camping.

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Flat stacks rock

I love my new little family of flat stacks. My draw is organised and have another draw free because of my new little babies being so small.

Boxing Day Special > 2 x Square Sets + FREE Round Set

Really great

Quick delivery. These are airtight, and can flatten down as the contents get less. Then fully flat to stack on the cupboard. FANTASTIC!! Now to get to throw out the older storage containers.

Best storage containers ever!

I love how easy it is to store Flat Stacks because of the ability to squash them flat and also their lids can be pushed down to closely cover food items. This means less air so food lasts longer, while taking up less room in the fridge.

Boxing Day Special

Absolutely love my NEW sets. The colours are so beautiful. I used all my sets (purchased earlier in the year) for Christmas Day 2020 and all my family were totally in love with them. The table looked so bright and organised. Packing up leftovers was a breeze.
Easy to order and very fast delivery. Thank you thank you thank you for my gift $20 off my next order. I will be ordering some more soon for family.