Best Winter Meals to Freeze and Reheat

Best Winter Meals to Freeze and Reheat

Winter is the time when we all crave rich, warm and nourishing meals. But who has got the time to cook every day? Luckily, you can prepare big batches of delicious healthy meals during the weekend, store them in Flat Stacks, freeze them and reheat them whenever you'd like! 

Don't want to use the freezer? You can also cook the dishes on a Sunday, store them in your fridge and reheat them in batches for your lunches and dinners during the workweek. 

If you're having a hard time coming up with the best ideas, we've got you! Here are the best winter meals to freeze and reheat. 

Whether you freeze them or store them in the fridge, we know it's going to be yummy because all of these meals taste better the next day!

Best foods for reheating 

You probably already know that some foods reheat better than others. When planning such a menu, think of meats like beef, chicken or pork and plant protein like various beans, lentils, chickpeas. Avoid reheating fish or shellfish as well...the smell just isn't great, and the texture changes. Forget about reheating fried food or egg dishes too.  

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the dish has enough liquid. Stews, curries and soups will freeze and reheat wonderfully as they will not dry out. Oven-baked meals like lasagne and various casseroles are also perfect for reheating as they're covered in different sauces. 

Best dishes to freeze and reheat 

Shepherd's pie 

This all-time classic is the perfect meal to make in a big dish and eat the whole week or freeze and reheat during the month. 

The juicy meal filling and cheesy potatoes get better with time, soaking all the delicious flavours. Top it up with extra cheese when reheating for that pop of flavour.

Chicken or vegetable pot pies

Pot pies are just like delicious, warming soups in edible pastry! They are also very suitable to reheat as the liquidy filling doesn't dry out and remains juicy and delicious the next day! 

You can always make a few smaller pot pies, freeze them and enjoy a new, fresh pie every time you reheat it!

Spaghetti Bolognese sauce

An-all time favourite and MVP for reheating, the Bolognese sauce is on the dinner table all winter long. What's great about it is that it just gets better with time as it develops more flavours. It's like magic!

You can serve it traditionally with spaghetti or with, e.g. polenta, to mix things up. 

Baked Ziti and other pasta casseroles

Nothing is more filling than a rich, cheesy baked pasta dish. And they are so easy to reheat! You can use the same dish you baked your pasta dish in or separate it into different Flat Stacks for weekdays. 

Just pop the container in the microwave, and the dinner's ready in minutes!


While technically baked pasta, lasagne deserves a separate mention. Have you heard that chefs actually recommend making it the day before you plan to eat it? 

That's because all the juices and flavours need to marinate a little longer. As making lasagne can take up some time, why not make two and freeze one for when you have no desire to cook? 

Meat and vegetarian bean chillies 

A dish that's warming, nourishing and simply perfect for winter, and so easy to reheat! Whether you make beef, turkey or black bean chilli, it's always very healthy and great for winter. 

Make a big batch, store it in Flat Stacks, and enjoy something a little different every night. How? Serve it with rice one night, with tortillas the next and roll into burritos the last! 

Various curries

Curries are the ultimate leftover food! They're packed with flavour (uhh, those spices!) and taste so much better the next day. You can make a big pot of chicken or vegetable curry, freeze half of it and eat the rest during the week. 

Just remember, don't store your curry together with noodles or rice as they will get too soft and mushy. 

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