7 Ways Flat Stacks Will Make Your Life Easier

7 Ways Flat Stacks Will Make Your Life Easier

1. De-clutter and double your kitchen space

Say goodbye to that nightmare cupboard. Flat Stacks collapse down to less than half their size, freeing up tonnes of space and creating organisational heaven.

Flat Stacks Collapsible Tupperware will transform your cupboards

 2. Safe for your family and eco-friendly

Unlike plastics which are made from non-renewable fossil fuels, Flat Stacks are made from silicone which is naturally BPA free and more eco-friendly. Your health and the environment will benefit from using silicone instead of plastic.

3. Save money by keeping your food fresher for longer

Flat Stacks come with an airtight seal allowing you to keep leftovers, dry-food like pasta or grains and even fresh produce fresher for longer. This means you’ll be saving on every shop and minimising food wastage.

Flat Stacks have an airtight seal

4. Save time washing up

Heat up your food and serve it straight from your Flat Stack, before simply collapsing it down with the food inside. No need to use extra bowls or plates. Pop it straight back in the fridge and you’re done.

Flat Stacks can be collapsed down with the food inside

5. From the freezer to the microwave and table all with the one container 

Straight from the freezer, into the microwave and finally the dishwasher - all with one container. Flat stacks are made from pure silicone which means they are safe to use in the microwave, are sturdy enough to use in the dishwasher and convenient to use in the freezer.

6. No more wasted time searching for matching lids

We all know the frustration of searching for missing plastic lids. Flat Stacks has you covered. Designed with colour-matched lids, you’ll never need to go hunting again. They look great in the cupboard too.

Flat Stacks have colour-coded lids

7. Long-lasting silicone - saving you money and the planet

While plastic containers need to be replaced often, adding to the already massive problem of plastic waste, your silicone rubber containers are strong and durable and will last you years and years. This means you’ll save money on replacing containers as well as helping to protect our environment. 

Flat Stacks are made of strong durable silicone

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