Flat Stacks Snack Pack of 3

These 3 small containers are ideal for storing snacks, sauces, salad dressings, cold cuts, half avocados, baby food and a whole lot more.

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Great to use but …..

These are great storage containers however for me one big failing is they can only be bought in packs. I need more small size containers but I cannot purchase these without buying larger sizes as well which I don’t need so have had to turn to another brand. BIG MISTAKE Flat Stacks

anne williams

These little flat stacks finish what I need in my caravan

Pamela Dixon
Flat Stacks

Great little containers. Save space and clean easily.

Raymond Jones
Slow Covid

It was a couple of weeks longer than expected but I was confident it would arrive. It did! Very happy thanks

Coral Bell
Snack Packs

Love these Packs. Take such little room in the cupboard, use them all the time.

Jacq Linaker-kappos
3 pack of flat stacks (snack pack)

These containers arrived fairly quickly. The packaging was good quality.they contain is themselves I made of high-quality materials I have used these in the dishwasher microwave and freezer

they can turn this themselves are made of high-quality materials

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Love them

They are easy to pop out and pop back in and as the name says that are flat stacks the colours are fantastic and I can’t wait til new products come available

love them

they are the best storage idea i have ever used, will be getting more for sure

Very satisfied customer.

The larger ones are really great, particularly if you cook up casseroles, soups etc. Being flat stack means that they fit in the cupboards and are not in the way, I now have every size and I love them and use them all. Bought a set for my daughter and she was thrilled. Throw out all those old odds and end that litter the cupboard!


Grest contsiners

XL 3 Litre
janine kerr
Large flat Stack

Used them and love them. They just complement the rest of my set. I had a friend stay and she was fascinated by them. She lives in a unit so they will be great.