8 ingenious ways to organise your kitchen

8 ingenious ways to organise your kitchen

Say BYE to kitchen chaos forever with these 8 easy steps and enjoy an organised, functional and stress-free space! 

The kitchen is often the centre of every home. It's where we cook, gather, eat and make important life decisions with our loved ones. 

So like every other important space, it's essential to keep the kitchen organised and ready for your daily activities. It's so much easier to prepare breakfast on a chaotic morning when you know where the cereal is or brew that mug of calming tea after a long hard day.

Here are 8 ingenious ways to organise your kitchen.


Decluttering is always the first step before you do anything else. Getting rid of the stuff you haven't used in years (we see you, egg-cooker and dusty old napkins!) is essential for a clean and organised space.

Review what you have in your pantry, cupboards, fridge and freezer and donate or toss everything you don't use or need. 

Reduce the number of dishes and cutlery

With passing years we tend to collect so many different plates, bowls, cups and cutlery pieces that in the end, each family member gets 5 or 10 items each. But that's completely unnecessary! 

Reduce the number of dishes and cutlery you have by reviewing all of them, getting rid of the cracked and chipped ones and donating the rest (or store them somewhere else for when you have guests)

Create different work zones

Once you've created more space, it's a great time to rethink how you use your kitchen. One of the best ways to avoid chaos is to divide the kitchen into zones.

Based on your habits, lifestyle and kitchen size, you might make one zone larger than the other etc. (e.g. you'll want a larger food preparation zone if more than one family member is doing the cooking). 

Here are the most common zone suggestions:

Cooking zone - keep your pots, pans, spatulas, bowls, measuring cups, cutting boards and other items here. It's best to assign this zone near the stove and the oven.

Storage zone - your pantry, cupboards, and drawers will be your storage zone for such items as dry, canned goods, tin foil, baking paper, various rarely used kitchen appliances, etc.

Everyday zone - close to the sink and/or dishwasher, this zone holds your most often used items such as mugs, bowls, cutlery, glasses, knives etc.

Under the sink zone - the best space for your recycling, bins, cleaning supplies, soaps etc. 

If you have a larger kitchen, additional zones can be devoted to coffee and tea preparation, snacks, wine and other fun stuff! 

Take advantage of every nook 

When decluttering and deciding on zones, you might rediscover some spaces that you rarely use but are actually great for storage, such as the area between the wall and the fridge or on top of your cupboards.

Take advantage of those spaces and store some of your kitchen items there (you might need to add a basket or a shelf to make the most of the space).

Position things correctly 

You probably know what you use most often, so make sure you store those items at your eye level.

It's also a great trick if you want to start eating certain products but keep forgetting that you have them! Put that quinoa front and centre! 

Use storage containers 

Storage containers for cupboards and the fridge are a true lifesaver! Use see-through mason jars and containers for your pantry items like beans, flour, grains etc., so you always know what you have. 

For your fridge and freezer, you won't find a better option than Flat Stacks collapsible silicone containers that are perfect for meal prep, leftovers, freezing food and taking lunches to work or school. Because they collapse and save space, you'll never have an overstuffed fridge again!

Get containers in different shapes and sizes so you can make the most of them. 

Hang stuff on cabinet doors

This one's great for those who have smaller kitchens or live (or travel) in a caravan or a boat. When space is scarce, you need to make use of every surface and cabinet doors are a great one!

Add little hooks and hang your utensils, lids, cutting boards, and other items on the doors inside the cupboard! 

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