Medium Round Ovenware > 2.5L

Our Flat Stacks Medium Round Ovenware is a heat-proof and collapsible container that can be used in the oven, microwave and air fryer. You can also use it on a BBQ plate but not on open flames. When expanded, you can marinate and cook delicious casseroles, chicken, roasts, pizza; and when collapsed, you can use it as a baking tray for  cakes and pastries.

It is also perfect for family dinners and weekend gatherings or barbecues!


  1. Round   2.5L - 27.4cm x 22.9cm x 11cm (4cm when collapsed) - 499g

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Robyn Bell

Love all my flatstacks. The latest edition to my collection of about twelve, is the 2.5 litre round ovenware.
As a full time grey nomad, the flatstacks are great for space saving.
I now have four ovenware pieces and they all stow away in the oven with room for more to come.
Also, because they're oven to fridge/freezer, they save on having to double up on separate containers.


Love this it's perfect

Christina Lucas
Great little bowl

Love all the ovenware for versatility of going from the airfryer to the dishwasher to the fridge or pantry for storage of foods. Love that you can use it for much more than just baking with.If you want to make a bigger cake l would suggest the next size up though.

Sally Pucek
excellent for cake or pizza!

1. halve the washing up making a cake. it really doesn't stick after its cooked and you turn it out. if its a choc pudding just scoop it out , half the washing up! But my fave is as a pizza tray, fits neat in my air fryer, no baking paper needed, slides right off. I overlap the pastry base right tp the outside rim and the heat gets under the dough base better. perfect. love flatstacks. also easy when you bake no scrubbing rinse add detergent and it all slides off.

Di Mcgavigan
I love my flatties!

Absolutely thrilled with Flat Stacks! Highly recommend. Best space saving system around today Thank you!
( I haven’t used in the oven yet, but if they’re as good as the microwave flatties, the I’ll be impressed even more!


Best invention ever, I just love it

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Very pleased with the purchase and tried out the recipe that I received sometime ago by cooking the Banana Oat Bread in it and very impressed with the result. I'd be interested in more recipes to cook in this ovenware

Family Pack + FREE Large Bowl

Love my flatstacks

Flat Stacks Purchase

I am happy to say that these containers live up the the lofty claims that they make about them. Easy to use, durable, stain resistant! They save me a ton of storage space in my kitchen!

Flat Stacks

I love these so much for my Caravan ☺️

Super compact able making more room in my Caravan and so light means less klg tio calculate over all weight to go.

Super tough love the colours 🤍🤎💜💙🩵🩷❤️🧡💛
Will be buying more for sure 👍


Love them i have one top that doesn't close one the square one and no free gift but will buy again just need some bigger ones.

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