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Good space savers

They are great space savers and good for containing food but the large square and the rectangular ones can be impossible to snap shut without the sides collapsing . I have followed the instructions and video and all of my family gave the same difficulty. I find the small square and round are great.

Flat stacks rock

I love my new little family of flat stacks. My draw is organised and have another draw free because of my new little babies being so small.

Boxing Day Special > 2 x Square Sets + FREE Round Set

Really great

Quick delivery. These are airtight, and can flatten down as the contents get less. Then fully flat to stack on the cupboard. FANTASTIC!! Now to get to throw out the older storage containers.

Best storage containers ever!

I love how easy it is to store Flat Stacks because of the ability to squash them flat and also their lids can be pushed down to closely cover food items. This means less air so food lasts longer, while taking up less room in the fridge.